"This new guideline is the latest development in our ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has driven new collaborative and international ways of working, and by sharing high-quality evidence with our colleagues around the world in the MAGICapp platform we have been able to develop this guidance more quickly. Being able to identify and assess the latest global evidence in a platform like MAGICapp will also help us to more efficiently identify which guidance needs updating as we continue to support healthcare professionals caring for COVID-19 patients."


Professor Gillian Leng
NICE Chief Executive (2020-2022)


Improving patient care through trustworthy guidelines, evidence summaries, policy and decision aids

MAGIC (Making GRADE the Irresistible Choice) is a non-profit Foundation, our goal is to increase value and reduce waste in healthcare through a digital and trustworthy evidence ecosystem. MAGICapp is our core platform in the evidence ecosystem bringing digitally structured guidelines, evidence summaries and decision aids to clinicians and patients.

A new approach to producing and disseminating guidelines

MAGICapp is a web-based tool that helps users and organizations to author, publish and update digitally structured Clinical Practice Guidelines based on best current evidence, enabling clinicians and patients to make well-informed healthcare decisions at the point of care.

Our authoring and publication platform brings interoperable standards to the evidence ecosystem. It allows evidence synthesizers and guideline organisations to create, publish and dynamically update trustworthy evidence summaries, guidelines and decision aids in user-friendly formats on all devices.

These digitally structured outputs can be re-used and adapted across the world, also to inform health technology assessments and feed into decision support systems in the electronic health record, pathways and quality improvement initiatives (e.g registries).

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Evidence Ecosystem
Evidence Ecosystem

BMJ Rapid Recommendations for practice-changing evidence

A collaborative network of clinicians, patients and methodologists working together, providing trustworthy, accessible and timely guidance in user-friendly formats, through an innovative and rapid approach.

Enhancing shared-decision making in the clinical encounter

Decision Aids in a user-friendly and interactive format, to facilitate conversations between clinicians and patients about the benefits, harms and practical issues of treatments, to allow well-informed decisions taking patient values and preferences fully into account.