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EU-funded large-scale long-term project under the call [HORIZON-HLTH-2021-DISEASE-04-04], aiming to optimise colorectal cancer prevention through personalised treatment with artificial intelligence.

This research project will be headed by the University of Oslo. The leading research team has a long-standing record of doing high quality trials on colorectal cancer (CRC) screening (including AI) and has worked with MAGIC to produce BMJ Rapid Recommendations for CRC screening.

The project will receive EU funding amounting to 6 million Euros over 5 years. The project includes 18 partners across countries/ institutions and is organized in 5 work packages to address critical questions, including clinical trials, innovation projects, cost-effectiveness studies and guidelines development.

The role of MAGIC in this project is to develop the first trustworthy and living guidelines for AI evidence in medicine, in collaboration with the academic societies in Europe and the World.

We will use MAGICapp and also plan to publish the guidelines as BMJ Rapid Recommendations. MAGIC will also work with the project investigators to produce and appraise AI evidence that is fit for purpose to inform clinical practice through guidelines. This work aims to advance the field of critical appraisal of AI evidence based on the GRADE system, unpacking the black-box challenge that algorithms introduce in applying such evidence in practice.

MAGIC is now hiring a senior researcher to lead this research, with a focus on methods for the interpretation and use of AI evidence in systematic reviews, guidelines and at the point of care.