MAGIC authoring and publication platform (MAGICapp) - for guidelines and evidence summaries - is developed through our research and innovation program.

The platform allows authors to write and publish their guidelines and evidence summaries in a highly structured fashion, using the GRADE methodology, new technology and a host of recent developed frameworks. MAGICapp is a web based collaborative tool that does not require any software installation and allows publication on all devices.

All researchers in MAGIC are practicing physicians devoted to evidence-based medicine and clinical epidemiology. We are also members of the GRADE working group and know from first hand experience that writing a guideline is a complex task and that many struggle with the methodology and the processes around.

MAGICapp includes features to guide you through the process of writing and publishing a guideline. A lot of research and effort has gone into improving the user interface of the platform – both for authors and readers.

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Brought to you by the clinicians and researchers behind MAGIC, a non-profit foundation improving evidence-based healthcare

Author and Publish

  • Collaborative environment
  • Reference and content management
  • Online access with version history

Multilayered Presentation

  • User decides level of detail
  • Most useful information on top
  • Easy navigation and overview

Structured Data

  • Easy EHR integration
  • Open API, integrate with any system
  • Use your choice of terminologies

No Install, Ready to Use

  • Fully serviced platform
  • All users get all updates
  • You own your data

Decision Aids

  • Discussion tool for clinicians and patients
  • Graphic presentation of evidence
  • Automatically generated

Mobile Applications

  • Adapts to different screensizes
  • Offline and online
  • Works for all devices

White Label – 14 Languages

  • Organizations get own site
  • Brand with your own logo and name
  • Choose: En, Es, Fr, De, Ar, Dk,No, Fi, Se, Nl, Pt

GRADE and Process Help

  • Integrated handbooks and FAQs
  • Guiding layout
  • Step-by-step checklist

The MAGIC Authoring & Publication Platform integrates multiple functions to author and publish Clinical Practice Guidelines

Multilayered presentation

Provide clinicians with trustworthy recommendations, clearly marked with the strength of the recommendation, up front and at the point of care.


Structured recommendations

Clicking on a recommendation, clinicians can explore the rationale behind the recommendation, the key information including preferences, quality of evidence and benefits and harms.


Setting up a guideline

MAGICapp is set up to help organizations write guidelines that adhere to new standards for trustworthy guidelines, which includes a thorough evaluation of the evidence.


Working with evidence summaries

Authors can in addition present the absolute effect estimates of the various choices and treatment, and the confidence the guideline panel had in these estimates.

Introduction to MAGICapp