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The GELA (Global evidence, local adaptation) project seeks to enhance evidence informed guideline recommendations for newborn and young child health in sub-Saharan Africa. The overall aim is to increase decision makers’ capacity to use global research evidence to develop locally relevant clinical practice guidelines for newborn and child health. Specifically, GELA will support decision makers in Malawi, Nigeria and South Africa.

This project is headed by the South-African Medical Research Council and is funded by the European & Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP). GELA started in April 2022, will run for 36 months, and includes partners in 7 countries/institutions.

GELA will build on and add value to the large-scale programme of global child health guideline development lead by the World Health Organization (WHO) with adaptation and implementation lead by the WHO Afro regional office and national ministries.

MAGIC leads the work package on disseminating and communicating clinical practice guideline (CPG) recommendations to healthcare providers and the public.

The objective of this activity is to support health care providers in Malawi, Nigeria and South Africa to understand and apply evidence-based and contextualised recommendations for managing newborn and child health. The work package will survey preferences and unmet needs when it comes to dissemination of guideline recommendations in the partner countries, and explore novel dissemination formats and platforms that may increase uptake of recommendations with health care providers and the public.

GELA will make use of innovative formats and the MAGIC authoring and publication platform (MAGICapp) to adapt WHO guidelines for national and local use. MAGIC will support development and adaptation of guideline recommendations customised to the needs of decision makers and make use of the GRADE EtD framework.

GELA is linked to the ongoing WHO COVID-19 living guideline project (GATEWAY) and two other EU projects (BE-SAFE and OperA) where adaptation and implementation is at the core).

About GELA on The Africa Cochrane site

GELA is a EDCTP project

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Photo of Sumanth Kumbargere Nagraj, MDS, MSc, (PhD)

Sumanth Kumbargere Nagraj, MDS, MSc, (PhD)

Lead researcher

Projects: Global Evidence, Local Adaptation (GELA) and BE-SAFE

Affiliations: MAGIC Evidence Ecosystem Foundation Clinical Editor, Cochrane Oral Health Co-convenor, Cochrane Priority Setting Methods Group Honorary Research Fellow, Division of Surgery and Interventional Science, UCL, United Kingdom Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Dentistry, Manipal University College Malaysia

Photo of Tandekile Lubelwana Hafver, PhD

Tandekile Lubelwana Hafver, PhD


Projects: Global Evidence, Local Adaptation (GELA) and Optimising Colorectal Cancer Prevention Through Personalised Treatment with Artificial Intelligence (OperA) and Mitigating Antimalarial Resistance Consortium in South-East Africa (MARC-SE Africa)