Advocating for an Efficient Evidence Ecosystem

Advocating for and supporting the implementation of the Digital and Trustworthy Evidence Ecosystem is a core part of what MAGIC does. We believe that we can reduce waste in both health care provision and in the generation of evidence if we implement this ecosystem concept fully. Doing so would require greater collaboration and greater interoperability amongst all partners in the ecosystem. Success would allow for a more efficient flow of evidence allowing for more healthcare decisions to be taken based on trustworthy evidence, so we all have a responsibility to strive towards this goal.

As part of our work in advocating for the evidence ecosystem, we are engaged currently in the following activities:

  • Connecting people working across all stages of evidence creation and dissemination to make the evidence ecosystem vision a reality.
  • Participating in the Alliance for Living Evidence (ALIVE) initiative to encourage the development of a coordinated marketplace for living evidence production and reuse.
  • Illustrating how the ecosystem can be applied to new and emerging technologies in health such as artificial intelligence.