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Integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies into clinical medicine has been hampered by challenges related to uncertain long-term clinical benefits, cost-effectiveness, and ethical and legal concerns. Evidence suggests, however, that AI can help reduce colorectal cancer incidence and mortality.

The OperA project aims to improve colorectal cancer prevention through the use of AI in screening. OperA includes cutting edge research on AI evidence production, such as a randomized controlled trial of more than 200 000 people undergoing colorectal cancer screening with AI-assisted colonoscopy. The project will also address the cost effectiveness and ethical and legal challenges of adopting AI in colorectal cancer screening.

OperA has received EU-funding amounting to 4 million Euros over 5 years. The project includes 18 partners across countries/institutions and is organized in 5 work packages to address critical questions.

MAGIC leads a work package that will develop the first trustworthy and living guidelines for AI evidence in medicine.

Together with the European Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE), we will develop a BMJ Rapid Recommendation addressing the use of AI vs non-AI screening for colorectal cancer. This work aims to advance the field of critical appraisal of AI evidence based on the GRADE system, unpacking the black-box challenge that algorithms introduce in applying such evidence in practice.

Contact our senior researchers if you want to understand more:

Contact our senior researchers if you want to understand more:

Photo of Farid Foroutan

Farid Foroutan

Lead researcher

Affiliations: Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact at McMaster University. Also: Ted Rogers Centre for Heart Research, Toronto, ON, Canada

Photo of Tandekile Lubelwana Hafver, PhD

Tandekile Lubelwana Hafver, PhD


Projects: Global Evidence, Local Adaptation (GELA) and Optimising Colorectal Cancer Prevention Through Personalised Treatment with Artificial Intelligence (OperA) and Mitigating Antimalarial Resistance Consortium in South-East Africa (MARC-SE Africa)