Decision Aids

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Facilitating shared-decision making

Clinicians access SHARE-IT Decision Aids directly from the corresponding recommendation or evidence summary in MAGICapp.

SHARE-IT (SHARing Evidence to Inform Treatment decisions) is a framework for the production of generic Decision Aids from recommendations in GRADE guidelines. It includes a set of interactive and adaptable presentation formats to be used by clinicians and patients in the clinical encounter to facilitate Shared Decision Making.

Communicating evidence

The first layer of the decision aid displays the list of patient important outcomes, including practical issues.

Communicating evidence for shared-decision making is challenging for clinicians and their patients. This process can be facilitated by this layered approach in our Decision Aids, that display components of GRADE assessments, including the list of patient important outcomes, confidence in estimates, burden of treatment, and cost.

Framework and methodology

Clicking on each number of the outcome cards opens a corresponding set of pictographs showing the absolute risk with each option.

Our framework builds on the International Patient Decision Aid Standards and on the methodology developed within the DECIDE collaboration. Our design is inspired by the work and model pioneered by Montori & colleagues. The Decision Aids are for the clinical encounter, between patients and clinicians, in contrast with Decision Aids for patients alone, outside of the encounter.

Numerical outcomes and practical issues

In complement to numerical outcomes the decision aids show practical issues related to each treatment option.

Through MAGICapp the production of Decision Aids is automated and can be displayed on a wide range of devices: tablets, computer desktops, smartphones, as well as integrated in electronic medical records.