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MAGIC has supported WHO on methods, processes and the use of MAGICapp to achieve this breakthrough for living evidence in COVID-19, now made use of also by other WHO guidelines (e.g., Malaria, Ebola, HIV, Self-care interventions).

An early realisation during the COVID-19 pandemic, made by the WHO and MAGIC, is the need to allow trustworthy and living guidelines for COVID-19 to make a true impact on patient care in countries WHO are set to serve. These guidelines are developed, published and dynamically updated in MAGICapp and also published in the BMJ as part of the BMJ Rapid Recommendations.

GATEWAY will develop innovative solutions for more efficient dissemination (e.g. through portals, pathways, protocols and derivative WHO products) and adaptation/ translation of living guidelines through co-creation with selected member-states.

The role of MAGIC in this project is to support WHO to reach its objectives.

This work spans from maintaining the living COVID-19 guidelines for therapeutics, to enhancing the dissemination of digitally structured guideline recommendations in all available global and national resources to improving current processes and technological solutions for more efficient adaptation and translation. Finally, MAGIC will support WHO in more efficient implementation of the COVID-19 guidelines at the national and local level.