MAGIC authoring and publication platform (MAGICapp) - for guidelines and evidence summaries - is developed through our research and innovation program.

The platform allows authors to write and publish their guidelines and evidence summaries in a highly structured fashion, using the GRADE methodology, new technology and a host of recent developed frameworks. MAGICapp is a web based collaborative tool that does not require any software installation and allows publication on all devices.

All researchers in MAGIC are practicing physicians devoted to evidence-based medicine and clinical epidemiology. We are also members of the GRADE working group and know from first hand experience that writing a guideline is a complex task and that many struggle with the methodology and the processes around.

MAGICapp includes features to guide you through the process of writing and publishing a guideline. A lot of research and effort has gone into improving the user interface of the platform – both for authors and readers.

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Key features

Author and Publish

The platform allows guideline developers to write and publish their guidelines and evidence summaries in adherence to standards for trustworthy guidelines, in a highly structured fashion, using the GRADE methodology, new technology and a host of recently developed frameworks.

Multilayered Presentation

In the multilayered framework, the user decides the level of detail. They get presented with the recommendation up front, but can dig down into layers of information, all the way to the primary study-information that is underlying the effect estimates for each outcome.

Working with Evidence Summaries

Authors can in addition present the absolute effect estimates of the various choices and treatment, and the confidence the guideline panel had in these estimates.

Decision Aids

Communicating evidence for shared-decision making is challenging for clinicians and their patients. This process can be facilitated by this layered approach in our Decision Aids, that display components of GRADE assessments, including the list of patient important outcomes, confidence in estimates, burden of treatment, and cost.

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Guideline examples

World Health Organization Logo

Infection prevention and control in the context of coronavirus disease (COVID-19): A living guideline

World Health Organization (WHO) - WHO Health Emergencies - Infection Prevention and Control

View guideline

COVID-19 rapid guideline: Managing COVID-19

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) - NICE

View guideline
Australian Covide Logo

Australian guidelines for the clinical care of people with COVID-19

Australian National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce - National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce

View guideline
World Health Organization Logo

Clinical management of COVID-19 patients: living guideline

World Health Organization (WHO)

View guideline
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We work with a range of organisations, including medical societies, governments, and international research and policy initiatives. With a licence to author and publish in MAGICapp, we can help you digitise your existing content, give methodology support following trustworthy standards (e.g. GRADE), support rapid/living guidelines, and conduct research.

Pilot phase

We suggest starting with a pilot phase:

  • Including only a few authors in the first part of the pilot phase is usually smart.
  • The feedback and experiences from the pilot authors will be useful when more of the author team(s) start working in MAGICapp.
  • In the first part of this pilot phase we suggest starting with adding content from an existing guideline, to get experience with the functionality before moving to creating new content.


We suggest writing up a good plan with a timeline:

  • This will make progress easier to manage.
  • Make plans for both the pilot phase and further work.
  • Involve both leadership and authors in the plan, to ensure buy-in from all levels.
  • Consider consulting us for drawing up the plan.

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