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Improving patient care through trustworthy guidelines, evidence summaries, policy and decision aids

MAGIC is a non-profit. Our vision is to increase value and reduce waste in healthcare through a digital and trustworthy evidence ecosystem. MAGICapp is our core platform, bringing digitally structured and user-friendly guidelines, evidence summaries and decision aids to clinicians and patients.


MAGICapp is a web-based tool that helps users and organizations to author, publish and update digitally structured Clinical Practice Guidelines based on best current evidence, enabling clinicians and patients to make well-informed healthcare decisions.

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Research and innovation

Ongoing research and innovation targets personalised medicine, evidence from artificial intelligence and the final ecosystem steps: more efficient dissemination, adaptation and implementation to demonstrate a true impact on patient care. Here are some of our ongoing projects.

Our research and innovation

Community and support

Our work is inspiring health care systems around the world to create a new infrastructure for the production and use of best current evidence in policy and practice. We continue to work together with a wonderful team of international collaborators sharing our vision.

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Recent Publications

UEG and EAES rapid guideline: Systematic review, meta-analysis, GRADE assessment and evidence-informed European recommendations on TaTME for rectal cancer

Milone M, Adamina M, Arezzo A, Bejinariu N, Boni L, Bouvy N, de Lacy FB, Dresen R, Ferentinos K, Francis NK, Mahaffey J, Penna M, Theodoropoulos G, Kontouli KM, Mavridis D, Vandvik PO, Antoniou SA. Surg Endosc.View publication

EAES rapid guideline: systematic review, network meta-analysis, CINeMA and GRADE assessment, and European consensus on bariatric surgery-extension 2022

Carrano FM, Iossa A, Di Lorenzo N, Silecchia G, Kontouli KM, Mavridis D, Alarçon I, Felsenreich DM, Sanchez-Cordero S, Di Vincenzo A, Balagué-Ponz MC, Batterham RL, Bouvy N, Copaescu C, Dicker D, Fried M, Godoroja D, Goitein D, Halford JCG, Kalogridaki M, De Luca M, Morales-Conde S, Prager G, Pucci A, Vilallonga R, Zani I, Vandvik PO, Antoniou SA; EAES Bariatric Surgery Guidelines Group. Surg Endosc.View publication

Decision makers need constantly updated evidence synthesis

Elliott J, Lawrence R, Minx JC, Oladapo OT, Ravaud P, Tendal Jeppesen B, Thomas J, Turner T, Vandvik PO, Grimshaw JM. Nature.View publication

Pharmacotherapy for adults with overweight and obesity: a systematic review and network meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

Shi Q, Wang Y, Hao Q, Vandvik PO, Guyatt G, Li J, Chen Z, Xu S, Shen Y, Ge L, Sun F, Li L, Yu J, Nong K, Zou X, Zhu S, Wang C, Zhang S, Qiao Z, Jian Z, Li Y, Zhang X, Chen K, Qu F, Wu Y, He Y, Tian H, Li S. Lancet. View publication

Direct Oral Anticoagulants Compared With Dalteparin for Treatment of Cancer-Associated Thrombosis: A Living, Interactive Systematic Review and Network Meta-analysis.

Riaz IB, Fuentes HE, Naqvi SAA, He H, Sipra QR, Tafur AJ, Padranos L, Wysokinski WE, Marshall AL, Vandvik PO, Montori V, Bryce AH, Liu H, Badgett RG, Murad MH, McBane RD 2nd. Mayo Clin Proc. View publication

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Recent MAGICapp Guidelines

World Health Organization Logo

Infection prevention and control in the context of coronavirus disease (COVID-19): A living guideline

World Health Organization (WHO) - WHO Health Emergencies - Infection Prevention and Control

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COVID-19 rapid guideline: Managing COVID-19

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) - NICE

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Australian Covide Logo

Australian guidelines for the clinical care of people with COVID-19

Australian National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce - National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce

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World Health Organization Logo

Clinical management of COVID-19 patients: living guideline

World Health Organization (WHO)

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