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We are clinicians and EBM experts on a mission to improve patient care globally by enabling the creation, dissemination and implementation of trustworthy guidance.

MAGIC is a non-profit. Our vision is to increase value and reduce waste in healthcare through a digital and trustworthy evidence ecosystem.

How MAGIC creates change

Research and Innovation

We undertake research and innovation projects to improve how guidance is developed, adapted, disseminated and implemented and contribute to the development of common methods and universal standards.

MAGICapp Platform

We build successful innovations into our guideline platform to facilitate the development, updating and dissemination of guidance.

Equip Organizations

We provide expert support to organizations to implement these innovations and create trustworthy guidance.

Implementation Support

We create dissemination products and formats to support the implementation, adaptation and uptake of guidance in practice.

All in the context of a collaborative evidence ecosystem


Some of the organizations currently working with MAGIC

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Recent MAGICapp Guidelines

Stroke Foundation Logo

Australian and New Zealand Living Clinical Guidelines for Stroke Management - Chapter 8 of 8: Community participation and long-term care

Stroke Foundation

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World Health Organization Logo

Infection prevention and control in the context of coronavirus disease (COVID-19): A living guideline

World Health Organization (WHO) - WHO Health Emergencies - Infection Prevention and Control

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Australian Pregnancy Care Guidelines

Australian Living Evidence Collaboration - Living Evidence for Australian Pregnancy and Postnatal Care (LEAPP)

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MAGIC Evidence Ecosystem Foundation Logo

BMJ Rapid Recommendations: PCSK9-inhbititors, ezetimibe and statins to reduce cardiovascular risk

MAGIC Evidence Ecosystem Foundation

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Australian Covide Logo

Australian guidelines for the clinical care of people with COVID-19

Australian National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce - National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce

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