About us


The idea behind MAGIC (Making Grade the Irresistible Choice) was conceived by Per Olav Vandvik, Linn Brandt and Gordon Guyatt back in 2009, with Thomas Agoritsas soon joining as another co-founder. Being practicing physicians dedicated to evidence- based medicine we felt an urgent need to solve problems with clinical practice guidelines. We believed this was possible through great advances in standards and methods for guidelines, combined with the latest web technology, intuitive design and emphasis on open and linked digitally structured data

MAGIC started out as a research and innovation program to solve the challenges. This materialised in the launch of MAGICapp in 2013: our advanced online authoring and publication platform for guidelines, evidence summaries and decision aids. MAGIC was at the same time developed into an independent Norwegian non-profit organisation, in order to offer MAGICapp as a “Software as a Service” through license agreements with guideline organisations across the world. Generous research and innovation grants,  widespread international collaboration with substantial in-kind resources and income from customers has made it possible for MAGICapp to see the light of day and to be continuously be improved, based on feedback from our users.


We realised the need to solve challenges beyond what trustworthy decision support created in MAGICapp can offer. This resulted in an ambitious long-term vision of a “Digital and Trustworthy Evidence Ecosystem” back in 2014. The Evidence Ecosystem now represents a mature conceptual framework, with the ultimate goal of increasing value and reducing waste in health care. Our work is inspiring health care systems around the world in their effort to create a new infrastructure for the production and use of best current evidence in policy and practice.

Within this framework – and with MAGICapp as a core platform – we continue to spearhead research and innovation together with a wonderful team of international collaborators sharing our vision. One example is the BMJ Rapid Recommendations, demonstrating successful solutions for evidence synthesis and guidelines through a collaborative network approach in wonderful partnership with BMJ.

Our independent non-profit Norwegian MAGIC Evidence Ecosystem Foundation was set up in 2018 to provide sustainable and professional services to our customers (e.g. MAGICapp) while pursuing our evidence ecosystem vision through continued research and innovation.

MAGIC Foundation

The MAGIC Foundation is registered in the national business and organization registry in Norway: MAGIC at Brønnøysundregisteret. Organisation number:  820911822. The Board currently consists of the MAGIC founders: Per Olav Vandvik (Chair), Linn Brandt, Gordon Guyatt and Thomas Agoritsas. Our statutes are available at request.

MAGIC team

We are all Physicians and /or methodologist by training, but for the tool development we have designers and application developers as part of the team.