MAGIC Summit 2021


  1. Provide participants with state-of-the-art knowledge about new standards, methods and tools for evidence-based health care (EBHC), shared decision-making and implementation science, such as decision-support in the electronic health record.
  2. Understand that living evidence and guidance is here to stay, following COVID-19.
  3. Understand why MAGIC and Lovisenberg have partnered to enhance the evidence ecosystem and how they will work together.
  4. Clarify opportunities and responsibilities for implementing EBHC and high-quality patient care in Norway in the evidence ecosystem.

Target groups:

  1. Decision- and policy-makers in Norway, responsible for patient safety and quality in health care (Dept of Health, Health Directorate, Norwegian Medical Association, Regional Health Authorities, Universities).
  2. Patients/consumer-advocates involved in health care.
  3. Clinicians, researchers, educators and innovators interested in EBHC, and how they can join the evidence ecosystem, through the MAGIC Lovisenberg partnership .

MAGIC in a digital and trustworthy Evidence Ecosystem: Why bother?

Introduction by Professor Vandvik

Professor Per Vandvik chaired the session and introduced the program. A story starting with his accidental discovery of evidence-based medicine in 2003 to realize remaining global challenges in EBHC, addressed through MAGICapp and a digital and trustworthy evidence ecosystem, now to be enhanced in an exciting partnership with Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital: A journey of MAGIC dimensions!

Presentation by Professor Agoritsas

Professor Thomas Agoritsas demonstrated how trustworthy decision support is key to succeed with safe and high-quality health care. This is never enough, which is why an enhanced digital and trustworthy evidence ecosystem is needed, ideally with living evidence and guidance as seen through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Presentation by Stijn van de Velde

Senior Researcher Stijn van de Velde presented how MAGIC and Lovisenberg aims to demonstrate increased value and reduced waste in health care, inviting Norwegian hospitals and other actors to further enhance the evidence ecosystem (the E3 project).

Is Living Evidence and Guidance here to stay?
An interactive Zoom session where global leaders shared their insights on living evidence and guidance.

Presentation by Dr. Godlee

Dr. Fiona Godlee, Editor in Chief at BMJ, will present advances in living evidence and guidance and how these challenge scientific publishers.

Presentation by Professor Elliott

Professor Julian Elliott, head of Living Evidence Consortium, will introduce what it is and present how Australia is pioneering living guidelines in health care, with Cochrane as dedicated partner.

Presentation by Professor Leng

Professor Gillian Leng, CEO at NICE, will present their new strategy and why moving to living guidelines represents a pillar, materialized through COVID-19.

Presentation by Dr. Diaz

Dr. Janet Diaz, Lead, Clinical Team for COVID-19 Response at WHO, will present why and how they entered the living guideline era, now transforming guidance across the organization.

What now, for Norway and other countries in an enhanced evidence ecosystem?

Plenary discussion

Plenary discussion chaired by Professor Per Vandvik, with reflections from Ecosystem actors on:

  1. Trustworthy guidelines: Available with impact on delivered care, and coming from where?
  2. Is living evidence and guidance really here to stay?

We encourage all participants to ask questions, with some invited to comment from the floor.