Mobile applications

Adapts to different screen sizes

Our publishing platform has an inherent mobile application feature, which makes all content usable on all mobile platforms through mobile browsers. The user interface on mobile is tailored to screen size so it will fit all types of mobile devices. We use modern web-application technology, to ensure your application is always up to date and will contain the newest improvements without the need for any reinstalling. Users can make their own app for mobile devices by following these 3 steps.

Offline and online

We use the newest offline web-application technology to give you offline access to your most wanted guidelines. Simply check off which guidelines you want to store offline, and leave the rest for online use.

The linked data structure – combined with a coding module for annotating PICO questions and recommendations with terms from various structured terminologies and making the data available through an API – allows for connections (EHR, other platforms), re-use and sharing of data across the Ecosystem.

Works for all devices

MAGICapps mobile feature works on all platforms and all devices. There is no fees and no need to download content from an app store. Just visit and start using it. You will get information on how to make an app on your device, or you can visit our help pages and  follow these 3 steps