White label – 14 languages

Organizations gets own site

All organizations that sign up with us get their own admin panel, and their short-name used to make a site where only their own content shows. Organizations that choose to use MAGICapp to develop guidelines have several publishing options.

Brand with your own logo and name

If your organization signs up on the MAGIC platform you get to brand your published guidelines with your own logo and brand identity. This allows you to use MAGICapp as a fully integrated and ready-made service platform for guideline development. The guidelines can then be integrated into your own website, using direct import or embed features.

Choose your language

MAGICapp currently has support for 14 languages and we are continually working to improve language support across all aspects of the platform. We will be adding more languages as and when demand increases. Organizations who wish to use MAGICapp to publish guidelines internationally can therefore easily overcome language barriers and address cultural differences by tailoring guidelines to suit specific language preferences. Your guideline can be duplicated after creation, and then translated into another language, if you are serving a bilingual community.