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What you get with an organization admin account

  1. A collaborative platform to Create, publish, and dynamically update guidelines, decision aids and evidence summaries.
  2. Content branded with your own logo, colors and name.
  3. User-friendly, digitally structured content.
  4. Decision Aids automatically generated from your content.
  5. Create PDFs and Word of your content at any time.
  6. A facilitated authoring process, using the GRADE methodology.
  7. Manage your process from setting up your author teams to public review.
  8. Full version control and access restrictions with 14 languages available.
  9. Use our site to publish content on all platforms and devices, online and offline.
  10. Use our extensive API to integrate and export content to your own site or systems.
  11. Your content belongs to you, we just provide the platform.

What happens after I sign up

  1. You will get an automatic email from us.
  2. One in our team will contact you to discuss your needs, wishes and requests.
  3. If you would like to proceed, we will work with you to set up an account, onboard your team members and get you started.

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