Rapid Recommendations

Trustworthy, accessible and timely guidance

A key innovation of the Evidence Ecosystem initiative is the highly successful BMJ Rapid Recommendations project. MAGIC initiated this project together with BMJ in 2016 to target challenges for evidence synthesis and dissemination.Here, a collaborative network of people without conflicts of interest work together to reduce the time it takes trustworthy guideline recommendations based on potentially practice-changing evidence to reach clinicians and patients at the global level.

Together we have created an innovative publication format for guidelines in BMJ with links to evidence summaries, recommendations, and consultation decision aids in MAGICapp.

You can see all of our BMJ Rapid Recommendations publications (practice guidelines, infographics, decision aids, linked systematic reviews) on the BMJ website.

BMJ Rapid Recommendations are readily available for re-use and adaptation and represent ideal substrates for downstream implementation and evaluation of impact, ideally closing the loop in the Evidence Ecosystem.

Collaborative network

A collaborative network of clinicians, patients, researchers and methodologists have demonstrated how new potentially practice-changing evidence can be synthesized into globally published systematic reviews, trustworthy guidelines, evidence summaries and decision aids with a 90 day target, also for new health technologies.

Together we created infographics with links to evidence summaries, recommendations, and consultation decision aids.