Multiple Comparisons

Making well informed decisions

When engaging in shared-decision making (SDM) clinicians and patients need to discuss the benefits and harms of available treatment options. The rapid escalation of published systematic reviews containing network meta-analyses (NMA) to inform health care on the comparative effectiveness of multiple treatment alternatives questions how policy-makers, clinicians and patients can make well informed decisions in the face of multiple comparisons.

This is our first prototype with digitally structured, interactive, multilayered evidence summaries and decision aids for multiple comparisons.

Core mission

A core mission for MAGIC is to make trustworthy evidence more easily available and interpretable, through evidence summaries linked to trustworthy recommendations and in tools for shared decision-making. In this project we are building on achieved advances through GRADE, MAGICapp and BMJ RapidRecs (e.g. Infographics) to improve presentation formats of multiple comparison evidence summaries and decision aids.

Here we show multiple comparisons of treatment alternatives in a Summary of Findings format with features for ranking of each intervention.